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A Phanxys Prostate Massager Is a Must For All Men!

The PHANoxy Prostate Massager is a massager specifically made for men. It is similar to the prostate massager but this time it produces vibrations, this is very good for men who are suffering from problems with their prostate such as frequent urination and problems with erection. This massager is ideal for those men who want to have a smooth prostate as well as men who suffer from prostate problems.

The PHANoxy Wave Motion Prostate Massager utilizes advanced wave motion technology which the shaft rotates back and forth with pinpoint precision to pin point specific pressure points, this helps to ease the pain associated with prostate problems, provides a finger like massage to the prostate as your partner massages this area that feels like an acupoint, unclogs the secret passageway for semen from the prostate and helps to relax the muscles. It is also very powerful and has a one year guarantee, the PHANoxy also has the ability to give you a permanent erection while increasing sexual stamina and sperm count. The PHANoxy can be used by both male and female and comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The PHANoxy is perfect for any place that you need to have a prostate massage. You can take it out of the box and use it in the shower and even in the bath. No matter where you use it will work it will give you a fantastic prostate massage.

The PHANyx vibrator is made of durable silicone which makes it easy to clean up. The outer cover of the vibrator is made from smooth and soft silicone which makes the toy comfortable to use. The outer cover is made with holes for a comfortable fit. The phanxy can be plugged into the wall or it can be used on its own. The vibrator is small enough to be held by hand or with one hand, which makes it convenient for those who may not want to carry a large vibrator around.

The PHANyx vibrator comes in three different vibration patterns: fast, intermediate and slow. This gives you the option of choosing which setting you prefer when you use the toy. When you plug it into the wall, it will have a speed that ranges from seven to eleven vibrations per minute. When you plug the toy into itself, it will vibrate at a slower rate. The toy has four different settings: rapid, medium, slow and sporty.

Many people think that vibrators are only for girls but there are sex toys for men as well. There are vibrators that come with a massager attachment. These sex toys are used by men to help them get a harder erection and to increase their sexual stamina. Men can use these sex toys to massage their erections or to pleasure their partner during sex. It is also possible to use a male vibrator as a massager for men.

Another interesting aspect of the PHANyx is that it comes with a vibrator head that has a head massager attachment. This makes it the first hands-free toy on the market that actually works! You don't need to use your hands to operate this toy. You simply position yourself over the massaging chair, put your hands behind your back and the remote control comes out. With the remote control, you'll find yourself holding your PHANyx vibrator head in one hand while your hands free your other hand.

Top tips on BestReviewsTips The PHANyx also comes with a prostate massager attachment. The prostate massager has two modes: slow mode and rapid mode. In slow mode, it vibrates at a low vibration that simulates the sound of a prostate massage. And in rapid mode, it vibrates at a higher frequency that can feel very exciting for your man.

If you have never used a vibrator before, you might want to try using the phanxy prostate massager. As with any prostate massager, you should only use it on an empty bladder. However, if you're using it with your prostate massager, you must be sure that there's no urine in your bladder. In this case, you should always use the remote control with the vibrator waterproof anal sex toy.
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